A letter to Our Patrons,

COVID-19 has shaken life as we know it and our hearts continue to be with those that have been impacted by the pandemic. Given everything going on these days, it is as important as ever to have safe opportunities to enjoy pastimes that are low risk and great reward. We know Michiganders are hurting - the economic implications of continued theatre closures will soon be irreversible. We also know a family trip to the movies can be just enough to take your mind off of everything going on, even if only for 90 minutes.   

We hope to see you very soon!


Movie theatres across the State of Michigan have been working diligently to safely reopen. After all, the health and safety of moviegoers, theatre employees and our communities are currently and will remain a top priority.


  • Michigan is one of only 7 states that has not reopened movie theatres or announced a reopening date

  • The movie theatre industry is one of only a handful of industries NOT open in Michigan

  • Movie theatres are being treated the same as large concert venues with seating for tens of thousands of patrons when in reality, we are much smaller, often only seating a few hundred people at a time

  • Movie theatres can follow the same guidelines as restaurants but with no talking and limited movement

With guidance from public health officials and experts from the CDC, the movie theatre industry has developed a reopening plan. The plan was devised to keep moviegoers safe throughout the entire experience from top to bottom, from previews to credits. 


·      All customers and employees will wear a mask and practice social distancing when moving about the building

·      We will require COVID-19 safety training for employees

·      Wellness checks upon the start of each shift, including temperature checks

·      All high-traffic spaces will be sanitized regularly

·      Theatres will undergo an extensive disinfecting process daily, with stringent sanitizing between each showing

·      "Chief Clean & Safety Monitor" on duty to ensure the highest standards of safety

·      Capacity of the theatres reduced and seats adjacent to booked tickets left empty for ensure proper physical distancing

·      We are also encouraging customers to purchase tickets online to reduce encounters


The safety of our friends, neighbors and communities is important. That's why we have put these guidelines in place and will continue to monitor best practices from our industry, the CDC, and other experts. Theatres have safely reopened across the globe. No different than restaurants who have been allowed to safely reopen, our plan will keep employees and customers safe to enjoy their favorite new Hollywood Blockbusters come August 15.